Pasta, Musem, and New Dress

Happy Sunday!!
Hope youre doing well! Sorry I have been lacking on the blog lately, I have been a bit lazy when it comes to taking photos. I am going to try to get better about remembering and this week I have picked out 4 different recipes to try, so I will have some good stuff for you! I am also taking another vegan cooking class this week, so I will have a recap of that too.
So, this post is a bit random with photos, but it recaps the past few days here
Enjoy the photo tour 🙂
Hay Stack Pasta
Some of the ingredients
Sauce a cookin
Noodles+ everything else
Dinner time
This week I tried a new Amys dish for lunch and found it to be pretty good!
I try to not eat too many frozen microwave meals because they are not the healthiest, but when I am lazy and want something quick I love Amys options. One of my favorites from the Amys line is the vegan mac and cheese. Being that I am lactose intolerant I think I get extra excited when I find something that would be typically office limits to me. Kind of like, you always want something you know you cant havebut thanks to Amy I can! 🙂
This weekend the hubby and I decided to explore the Natural History Musem
Because we are moving in about 2 months we decided we should probably hit up everything that we wanted to see here in NYC, including lots of the amazing museums. We both enjoyed spending the day here and our favorite thing was watching the IMAX film Born to be Wild. It is about 2 sanctuaries in Kenya and Indonesia that care for orphaned baby elephants and orangutans. It was such a great film, and I would totally love that job!!
After the museum we headed to Blossoms Cafe, which is one of my favorite vegan spots here in NYC.
I ordered the Tofu Benedict
Super yummy! I also had an almond milk latte to go with it!
After that the hubby and I stopped into this awesome store next to Blossoms and I picked up this.
And I had a 20% off coupon, yay!
Today has been filled with lots of relaxing and stuff around the apartment. I am making a great meal tonight and if it turns out well I will post the recipe tomorrow! A little hint of my inspiration for the meal
Love her!
See you tomorrow, night!