Wicked and Pineapple Express

Wednesdays are always the best because you see the light of Friday staring at you in the distance 🙂
Last night the hubby and I went too
It was a pretty amazing show, especially on Broadway! I have enjoyed every show I have seen thus far on Broadway; Lion King, Sister Act, and Wicked. My all time favorite has to be Lion King, but I am also a little bias because I love animals and the story of the movie 🙂 But, each one has been amazing and I recommend seeing all of them if you can!
This morning I woke up to my usual breakfast
Oats and Coffee, always the best 🙂
This afternoon Pete and I headed out on a long walk. It amazes me how he still has energy after an hour-long walk, hyper little dude.
Once home I put together a yummy lunch of : Ezekiel muffin, organic egg, avocado, hummus, veggies, apple, and mini vegan cookie.
* I really love the new Ezekiel Muffins I have found. Super healthy and only 80 calories!
This meal was definitely yummy and filling.
I hit up the gym for a light cardio workout today 20 minutes elliptical and 20 minutes bike. I was pretty sore from the past few days of attending Yoga everyday so I took it a little easy. I definitely will be back at yoga on Friday to take advantage of the free unlimited week of classes at Yoga Vida, so far I LOVE the studio!
Dinner tonight was AMAZING and filled with PINEAPPLES!
Vegan Pineapple and Ham Pizza
Sautéed onions and fakin-bacon in 1 TBSP of olive oil.
Rolled out dough that I made from scratch using a basic pizza dough recipe, but swapped for wheat flour
Add toppings; onions, fakin-bacon, pineapple, basil, tomato sauce, soy cheese.
Baked for 15-18 minutes at 400.
All done!
It was super yummy and the hubby loved it! Definitely will be making this again soon.
I have something yummy baking in the oven for dessert..it may include blueberries, banana, and walnuts 🙂 Pictures will be posted tomorrow, but I can assure you I will be having a slice tonight for dessert. YUMMM!
Well, hope your day was awesomeenjoy this beautiful photo I took tonight from our apartment.